Founders of the Higher You.

Twin flames with an incredible story and a contagious passion for life that is crystal clear as soon as you meet them.

Their story is nothing short of astonishing and their mission is to awaken others to the remarkable skills that they both used to find each other and completely turn their lives around.

Allegra has spent years coaching all walks of people of all ages and her mission is to empower others to making the changes they need to create a beautiful life for themselves and fulfil their dreams by showing them their true potential.

Gary is the creator of over 100 videos which have hit millions of views and cover topics such as: Ancient hidden secrets, Greek mythology and its relevance in today’s society, the hidden meanings in our languages, the 3,6,9 Tesla code and much much more, you can find his videos here

The Higher You is a platform to help you to create your best life and positively influence those around you and its purpose is to create a thriving community of incredible people just like yourself!

YOU possess the power to create a remarkable IMPACT on the world, join us on this journey, subscribe to our journal and let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Don’t forget: Every choice you take, every decision you make, every step you take and every thought you make sends ripples across the Universe.

YOU are an extraordinary being with the potential for GREATNESS.


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