Influence Your English

Transformational English is the only program which offers a fully customised solution to Your English learning.

With Clients worldwide, our ever-evolving methods focus on the natural acquisition of the English language through Subconscious Training which focuses on the many phases of self-development and specific language needed for Professional Development.

Transformational English provides an unparalleled insight into who we really are and what we are really capable of.

Providing answers to profound questions about the way we do things and why we feel the way we do, Transformational English has the potential to dramatically transform lives by focusing wholly on the individual’s welfare and inner core, significantly raising awareness of limiting beliefs which are the very constraints holding us back from reaching our full potential.

As You begin to challenge yourself more and focus on personal growth, you begin to activate new neural pathways in the brain creating consistent new habits which in turn help to raise your energy level and sense of joy.

By breaking down the walls of resistance to self-acceptance you finally learn to see yourself through your own eyes and not that of others, after all:

You can never meet your True Potential until you break down the barriers of disbelief.

By analysing the issues that we are faced with in the world today and looking at them from a different perspective, a new level of awareness arises of how this is affecting your life.

You begin to see how most of what You currently pay attention to is simply distracting You from realising your goals and achieving your true potential.

We show you: How to Take Back Control.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

We examine how powerful the mind really is and answer many profound questions, such as:

  • How much do your unconscious thoughts play a role in your daily life and exactly how much influence do they have over you?
  • Exactly how does fear influence our life on a Physical, Mental, and Emotional scale?
  • How to overcome Anxiety, depression and eradicate bad habits.
  • How is it that the infamous inner critic creates excuses that often seem legitimate enough to stop us from taking action and have us returning to our comfort zone without us even being aware of it?
  • Why fears are most often irrational, how they have effectively prevented us from living the life we want, and how to successfully overcome them.
  • How to find Purpose and create a bullet-proof mission statement that destroys procrastination in its tracks.
  • How to create alignment between the conscious and the subconscious mind which is imperative to creating the life you want.

What you think and what you feel create the very state of your existence.

Most people wait for a tragedy to happen before they dare take steps towards their heart’s mission, many of us say we will wait until we are ready but unfortunately most never get there, yet the wisest of us know that we must jump before we are ready….

Everything you desire is directly on the other side of fear..

Join us on the greatest journey of your life; our mission is to create a community of High-performing Individuals who rise to their greatest potential and become the change-makers of this world.


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