Transformational English

Why learning to Speak English is imperative.

Having a good knowledge of the English language is more vital today than ever before, with challenges arising consistently on a global scale, never before has it been so critical to raise our standards and think outside the box.

We all know that having a good knowledge of the English language can be LIFE-CHANGING because of the OPPORTUNITIES that it presents.

Having the ability to communicate skilfully and confidently in the English language not only increases your chances of landing a great job in a Multi-national company within your own native country, it also boosts your chances for finding work abroad.

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Let me introduce myself…

My name is Allegra and that was me in Italy back in 2018 teaching English to young teenagers.

Equipped with a microphone, a ball, lots of props and a mission to show my students that their voice mattered and I was intent on listening, but most importantly, that each one had Incredible Potential lying dormant inside of them just waiting to get out!

I’m English, I also speak fluent Italian, I’m a qualified English language & Music Teacher, Transformational and NLP Coach, Mother of 5 and Freedom fighter!

I accumulated over 15 years experience in ESL Teaching and Mentoring

What I witnessed time and time again, was the frustration of those who signed up for the more traditional methods of learning the English language, because regardless of how much money they spent or how much time they committed, it didn’t deliver the results they wanted.

As soon as I was able to freely utilise my own style of teaching I began to implement my own method…

This enabled me to really understand the dynamics of what my students really wanted to gain from their experience with me.

It opened up a new doorway into a level of communication that exuded vibrancy and excitement and set the foundation for my students to become astonishingly receptive to learning and retaining the information learnt.

This was a game-changer.

The feedback I started getting from other teachers was; “Your style of teaching is really effective, I wish we were permitted to implement this style in schools and colleges, workplaces alike, but we have to stick to the curriculum and conventional methods.”

Then I decided I wanted to take it to the next level and approach Adults….

Just as I thought, the results were astonishingly obvious. This WORKED.

This was where I began to see that I could make a difference, not only that. It was REVOLUTIONARY and I had to learn more….

Over the years I witnessed both students and Teachers clearly frustrated and overwhelmed with the non-effectiveness of the education system and being forced to implement outdated, conventional methods of teaching which resulted in teachers feeling burnt-out and stressed with students feeling discouraged and impotent.

It is plain to see that the overall expectation of English Language Learning has become synonymous to Painstakingly Slow, Costly and Downright Boring.

I spent the next three years having to face the most difficult time of my life but it taught me ONE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH.


I came back with a MISSION.

A mission to show every Man, Woman and Child that NO MATTER what happens to you, YOU have the chance to TRANSFORM IT.

I came back with TRANSFORMATIONAL ENGLISH, a new method which defies all the old teaching methods and radically changes the way we view English (or any other language) learning.

Learning a new language should spark excitement, generate Curiosity and give you a new and acquired sense of Freedom.

More and more people are understanding that the key to opportunity lies in their ability to freely communicate in the English Language.

Statistics prove that the advantage of being able to aptly communicate in English evidently has the power to open up doors to opportunities which otherwise wouldn’t have existed at all.

In recent reports, it was discovered that students who possessed a good knowledge of the English language were presented with an 87% rise in social opportunities and an 80% rise in work opportunities, but let’s not stop there…

Why learning English can radically change your life

  • Most International businesses now communicate primarily in English, organisations expect their staff to be highly assertive and confident in speaking and communicating in the English language.
  • Most career opportunities offered now, require a good level of English no matter where you are in the world.
  • High ranking Science based knowledge is mostly in English and in the world of Self-Development, this means that you’re going to be left behind if you don’t know the language.
  • Doctors, scientists, and engineers around the world must have a strong command of the English language if they wish to deliver presentations or publish articles in their field.
  • Major works of History, Literature, Science and quantum science are written in English.
  • Being able to understand English will allow you to remain updated on many issues and innovative ideas in a global society and culture while presenting you with a window into the minds of others who are ahead of you in your game.
  • Since 2020 most of the world has had to adapt to remote learning. This has opened doors to new opportunities not only for building an online business but also providing access to a vast amount of courses online which enable you to advance more prolifically in your career.
  • Around 55.5% of websites on the internet are in English, this provides us with the additional advantage of being able to comprehend billions of pages of valuable information in all different areas, that would otherwise have been inaccessible to us.

A solid command of the English language will get you access to a vast plethora of knowledge where nothing is lost in translation.

  • If you still haven’t found that special person, a confident knowledge of the English language can also boost your chances of actually finding your soul-mate.
  • Not forgetting the entertainment industry and the huge catalogue of movies, tv series and music you will have access to understanding.
  • More seriously; numerous studies have shown that becoming multilingual not only improves attention and memory, it can also greatly diminish the onset of dementia
  • Scientific research demonstrates that Bilingualism improves test results and also helps people to digest new innovative thoughts much faster than others.

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Here’s what Neuropsychologist Professor Jubin Abutalebi, from the University of San Raffaele in Milan states…

It is possible to distinguish bilingual people from monolinguals simply by looking at scans of their brains. Bilingual people have significantly more grey matter than monolinguals in their Anterior Cingulate Cortex (or ACC), and that is because they are using it so much more often.”

The ACC is like a cognitive muscle: the more you use it, the stronger, bigger and more flexible it gets.

What exactly IS IT that sets Bilingual or even Polyglots apart from the rest?

The secret is in our Identity.

It’s how we view ourselves, it’s defined by our very nature; the way we move, the way we elaborate our thinking, the way we hold ourselves and the associations we have build around who we believe we are in relation to our outer environment.

Learning English is actually a Science…

Psychologists have long known that the words we speak are intimately related to who we believe we are. To prove that concept, ?? think of a Frenchman and compare it to an Italian; what picture comes to your mind and what qualitative aspects do you associate them with?

The French are synonymous with romance and the Italians are famous for being passionate, right?

Languages become associated with cultural norms which in turn, directly affect how you behave.

Here’s another clue…

Research has demonstrated that Multilingual People often adopt different behaviours according to the language they are speaking.

This is one of the core essential aspects to successfully acquiring knowledge of a second language and is what so many language learners have failed to realise.

Another aspect is to understand that languages are ‘surprisingly musical‘ in their different tonalities, some similar and some radically different in their melodic tendencies, but understanding this concept is another one of the vital keys needed to enhance your linguistic abilities.

Could there be one common denominator which sums up the characteristics of those who have the ability to successfully and swiftly acquire solid communicative skills in a second language compared to those who do not?

One word which could adequately describe the essential attributes leading to a successful acquisition of the English language is:


Essentially it becomes first necessary to ‘unlearn what we have learnt,’ in order to clear the path of obstacles which will lead to a faster, more scenic route which I can promise you; You are going to enjoy.

In a certain sense, it demands that you, ‘Re-invent your sense of Self‘ and as mentioned above, successful linguists are surprisingly skilled at adapting themselves to a ‘new form of Identity.’

As said Bruce Lee famously said:

“Be like Water” [or like a Chameleon if you prefer that analogy ?]

It is the basis for all learning, but not something we were taught at school…

So, if you’re serious about evolving to your next level of English and you’re between 12 – 115 years old, then perhaps i can help…

Forget the old conventional styles of learning English and step into an all new, empowering experience, where this time: YOU are in control.

Discover a radically new, Transformative, custom-made way of
learning the English language


Transformational English

We are all very aware that society is developing. Fast.

Over the last two years we have witnessed first hand how people’s lives can be dramatically affected by global changes, and personally; I know far too many businesses and families who have suffered because of it.

There is however, a way to overcome this.

In English we say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

What I mean by that is; It’s time to outgrow our limits…

Never before has it been so important to turn up the dial and take back control in a world which seems to be constantly slipping from the grasp of so many people.

Instead of standing at the mercy of a temperamental environment submitting to its ever-changing dictations, perhaps it’s time to actively participate in its evolving by expanding our vision and learning again to ‘grow with’ and even ‘through’ adversity.

I know all too well, what it is to have to start again in the midst of a world which seems to be falling apart at the hinges, threatening to announce eminent danger at any moment in time.

I also know how it feels to think you’re too old, too stupid, too ignorant, too busy, too lazy or too shy to do exactly what it is that you know you would benefit from…

I know what it is to fail, to worry about what others may think about you, to worry about being ridiculed and misunderstood, but all of that is just an illusion of an overly negative-biased mind, however…

YOU were born to TRANSFORM

I want to help you make that Transformation using English as a tool to guide you through all the techniques that I have learnt myself to overcome the most difficult and challenging period in my life.

The techniques which I will be sharing with you, encompass vast areas of Self-development and include skills in areas such as Mindfulness, NLP Training and Empowerment Coaching with particular attention to developing a soft skillset and leadership skills, all of which have the power to radically turn your life around and shift you to your next level like no other English Language Course ever could.

100% Online 1-1 or Group Sessions for Individuals and Corporations with availability for future workshops in person, let me help you elevate You or your business to the next level.

So here is what The Higher You Transformational English is offering…

  1. 8 weeks – One Year Full Access to work with Me online with a Custom designed program built for your benefit based on your individual or business needs.
  2. One hour per day online sessions with myself enabling You to actively experience English speaking daily with a British native experienced Mentor.
  3. Gain exclusive access to tools which will help you acquire knowledge to unlocking your hidden potential and break through the boundaries of the all-too-familiar comfort zone.
  4. Unlock the possibility to extend your experience beyond 1 year for 10% off the regular price.
  5. Lifetime access to The Higher You community Facebook group.

What are the advantages?

The Higher You Transformational English Course was built with the intention of empowering the people to reach their goals and desires with the added bonus of becoming competent and more knowledgable in the english language.

Unlike your traditional English learning environment, our courses take each individuals needs into account.

Every individual client is unique, each one possess different wants and needs that are often undisclosed even to themselves. 

Our job is to empower the individual to embody a sense of Purpose

We help our clients find Direction in their life and gain more Clarity with regard to Personal Development and Goal Setting.

With over 15 years experience of ESL Mentoring, Transformational English caters for people of ALL AGES, from Children to Adults at varied levels of English from Intermediate to advanced level.

Our sessions are Customised and flexible, built around YOU and Your needs specifically to boost your knowledge and push you to achieve your goals.

Our Online English Power Sessions offer you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and without any pressure. 

This means that, in addition to organising sessions that fit around your schedule, you can join sessions from wherever you are in the world!

Whoever you believe you are, whatever you think you’ve done right or wrong, whatever you profess to having achieved or not achieved; YOU are much Greater than You realise.

Never before has it been so important for humanity to understand the fundamentals of ‘Unity’ and our vital connection to one another, we have been so blinded by our want and need to get ahead of the rest and chase after money that we have forgotten the most important factor; What makes us Human is our ability to Love and Care for one another, not to ridicule and ‘out-do’ each other.

We are 8 Billion people on this planet, every single one of us is a walking miracle.

The Higher You Transformational English Program is designed to Empower the People whilst radically boosting confidence and skills pertaining to the English language. 

Allegra’s approach is built on an ardent desire to improve the lives of others while using the English Language as a Tool rather than a Subject.

Transformational English also works alongside International Companies who are looking to expand their Impact and knowledge of English at the same time, whether it be for themselves, their Employees or Both!

It’s time to Step out of the passenger seat, take control of that wheel and step on the gas that leads you to where you actually want to go!

“Discover a New Unique, Fast Moving Learning Experience which truly has the Potential to Change Your Life.”

Most people believe that education stops when you finish school, but the truth is;

Your brain is ALWAYS learning from You

No matter what you are doing, you are constantly feeding your brain with Commands whether you are aware of them or not!

So whether you’re diving into new books every week, glued to Netflix every evening or scrolling on your phone in sheer boredom, you are constantly feeding your brain clues about what you are about.

What does this mean?

In short, it means that your brain constantly reproduces echos of those habits that you have acquired whether positive or negative, because it doesn’t know any better and can’t distinguish between those two qualities, it simply reflects back to you what you have previously taught it and so it provides you with suggestions based on your habitual routines to keep you in your very own comfort zone.

Since 95% of your day is governed by your subconscious, you’re probably not even aware of its incessant chatter going on in the background of your mind.

This incessant chatter is what causes you to back down from opportunities that arise in your life that exude growth so you can recede back into the ‘safety zone’ and reach for a bar of chocolate instead.

The only constant in life is Change and if we don’t learn to evolve ourselves by learning new skills and becoming receptive to learning itself, rather than living a productive, fulfilled life, we’re going to be living in the Reactive state with a victim mindset.

What are the advantages of learning a new skill or a second language?

1. Increased Productivity

Learning a new skill gives your brain the incentive to evolve, to create new neural pathways which will allow for new experiences to occur and will help get you out of that infamous ‘comfort zone,’ synonymous of an unfulfilled life.

2. Heightened Cognitive Abilities and Enhanced Memory

Recent studies have proven that learning a new language or skill actually enhances the individual’s ability to acquire and retain new information, it actually changes the structure of the brain and leads to a capacity for a higher intelligence to arise and as previously mentioned, decreases the probability of Dementia.

3. Improved attention and focus

Simultaneously translating language in your brain requires Focus. This is why learning a new language is the equivalent to meditating and it holds the exact same benefits.

Your ability to focus becomes easier, resulting in less procrastination and more getting things done, as you’re able to filter out annoying distractions that compromise your productivity and do not serve your purpose.

4. Intelligent decision-making skills

Having the ability to focus your attention on what you are doing at any present moment in time actually gets rid of unnecessary mindless chatter which may have previously distracted you, resulting in the ability to make better and more wiser decisions.

Filtering out irrelevant stimuli automatically elevates your ability to focus, which is imperative if you’re trying to focus on translating language while listening and then attempting to reply, it also allows you to tune-in on key words and important information much faster.

5. Better listening and comprehension skills

When you commit to learning a new language, your brain needs to work harder to comprehend it properly. This not only enhances focus but triggers you to augment your auditory information processing skills. This permits you to fully focus upon the individual speaking to you whilst filtering out unnecessary interferences. This is a highly beneficial skill to acquire especially in business environments where high demanding negotiating skills are required and allows for you to become a more effective listener.

Research has also shown that improving your ability to focus also leads to an increased awareness of your surroundings and you will have the ability to receive more information with regards to your external environment and the people you interact with.

6. Enhanced ability to acquire other languages.

Having insight into a second language allows for you to notice connections to other languages which enable you to better understand and decipher what you may not have otherwise understood, which is especially beneficial when you are travelling!

One of the best ways to challenge and train your brain every day is by becoming a multilingual human being, acquiring the ability to actively communicate in the English language will open up a whole new world of opportunities and connections which have the potential to shift your life to a whole other level.

Unlike what we were taught at school;

Intelligence is not fixed ~ it is Malleable!

No matter your age, status, level of intellect or whatever other ‘story’ you’re telling yourself…

You CAN learn new skills, at any stage in your life.

Put a stop to the endless cycle of procrastination and embark on a new exciting journey towards a happier, more vibrant life; whether it be for yourself, your business or a gift to someone you know…


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