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There is not a soul alive on this planet who will never experience some form of adversity; unless he has already learnt the Art of Transmutation.

We have all heard it said that nature is our greatest teacher, we’ve heard it so many times in fact, that we have completely overlooked the very definition of what that really denotes.

The ability of nature to bounce back almost instantaneously from the harsh depths of winter having almost tricked us into believing that all was lost.

Effortlessly and miraculously transforming and renewing itself from dried up brown meadows and lonely looking bare trees to vibrantly-alive shades of greens and flourishing fruitful trees; reclaiming its magnificence and in the process, calling all life forms to celebrate the onset of a New Beginning;

Every spring we are put to shame by nature’s astonishing rebirth, a prime example of Transformation at its finest.

Our natural world demonstrates its resilience and tenacity to come back year after year regardless of the challenges it has to face.

As humans we often turn to others for comfort, pouring out our agonies and hardships in an attempt to lighten the burden, hoping that someone or something will hold the answers to our needs and restore us to our original state.

Whist there may be some benefits to unleashing our troubles with other people, this does have considerable adverse effects : …

  1. It can amplify the intensity of the issue that you are attempting to belittle, thus creating a more fertile ground for it to flourish.
  2. It is the trigger to relinquishing control; Your trajectory is shifted from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat as you find yourself entering into a reactive state rather than a controlled, responsive state.
  3. It inhibits you from connecting to the vital energy source within, which is the very key to ‘resolving your problem.’
  4. It can distort other’s views of You, or worse; it can actually change how your view of Yourself.
  5. This can inevitably lead to affecting your physical and mental health in the short or long term.

To explain…

Words hold power; the power to create and the power to destroy.

We ‘spell,’ words and we ‘cast them out’ when we are speaking or when are writing.

The words you choose to speak and the emotion you unwillingly attach to them are what you are proclaiming to be true for your existence and therefore, what you are requesting more of when you speak of them.

The ancient Chinese philosophy “Tao Te Ching,’ teaches us a very valuable lesson, to learn to:

‘Allow things to develop without interference’

?? …without categorising or labelling the rising ‘occurrences in our life’ but instead, simply learning to observe them with curiosity.

[If you wish to purchase the book, Tao Te Ching, you can find the link at the bottom of the page!]

If we can learn to refrain from identifying such happenings as something inherently disastrous, causing us to erupt into a reactive chaos, we may witness the unveiling of a path we had never before considered.

By detaching yourself from the ‘meaning or association’ that this new experience would have otherwise given you, you are instead simply observing it’s utility and purpose with a healthy level of curiosity and wonder, allowing the flow of a deeper level of consciousness or ‘understanding,’ to arise within you.

People never see you for who you are, they see you as THEY ARE.

This means that every interaction you have with others can never be the same as another and most importantly; it is never entirely accurate.

You’ve heard of Chinese whispers right?

Once you share your deepest, heartfelt fears and thoughts, the people you have shared them with will have their own interpretations of those thoughts which hold a different meaning and are based on their own life experiences and their associations to them.

This can sometimes lead to a domino effect resulting in an increase in their own insecurities, driving them to also reach out to other people to unburden the weight.

Your ‘news’ then gets passed-on and will very likely become blown out of proportion, misunderstood and completely distorted;

Which can inevitably lead to disastrous situations and complete burnout, all over nothing but; an illusion.

The Metamorphosis of the soul

Energy is what animates our divine expression.

In terms of energetics; your thoughts and feelings are contained within the electro-magnetic bio-field which envelops your entire being. This is no fairy-tale, this is is Neuroscience.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a video for you ??

In other words; you are affected by the vibrations of those around you and they are affected by YOU…

This is why you can walk into a room and literally, “Feel,’ the tension, but in addition:

Your energy level or ‘State,’ will determine the Reappearance of the ‘known,’ or the ‘Beginning of the new.’

This will allow for the transmutation, or rebirth into a new ‘Persona or Experience.’

Ancient philosophers of Greece were captivated by the paradoxical qualities between the caterpillar and the butterfly ? which is the symbol, ‘Par excellence‘ of life’s ability to completely transform in any given situation.

The word, ‘Psyche,’ in ancient greek mythology took on the form of a butterfly as a representation of the human soul which was viewed as the existential or spiritual “breath” that animates (deriving from the Latin anima; “soul” or “animal”), the human being.

They were very much aware that, in order for transmutation to occur, just like the caterpillar; darkness or density must arise.

Before meaningful transformation can occur, we must first shed some aspects of our previous form to become another.

Transforming your reality, requires a shift in your personality

We live in a dualistic world where one must compensate the other; you cannot have light without darkness, nor happiness without sadness, nor courage without fear.

Always remember the power of the dawn.

Unlike the butterfly, human beings were designed with conscious free will, we have the ability and freedom to halt and deviate such an act of evolutionary potential, we were given a choice…

Here is a passage from the book “The Transformational Imperative,” by Shunyamurti:

“Once a defensive ego system got installed in our cerebral software, the capacity for spiritual metamorphosis was short-circuited.

Unlike the evolutionary drive of nature toward ever-greater differentiation; the devolutionary drive of the human ego attempts to maintain homeostasis, ignorance and self-contraction.

In other words, human egos today work at cross-purposes to nature in fact, we have become the enemies of nature and this has occurred because what we think of today as our identity is actually a case of identity theft.”

[If you wish to purchase the book, “The Transformational Imperative,” you can find the link at the bottom of the page!]

As Mark Twain once stated: “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

“Adversity is inevitable, it is there to aid your ascension. How you respond to its calling will determine what happens next.” ~ Allegra Lite.

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