Global Transformation, Communications and Leadership Coach, International Bestselling Author and Founder of The Higher You

Allegra Lite is a Global English Transformation Coach who Powerfully influences people of all ages to destroy limiting beliefs, exude confidence and achieve goals, all whilst radically improving English Language Skills.

With over 300 5-star reviews and endless success stories from clients who achieved success thanks to Allegra’s guidance. Her skills make her particularly relevant not only for Business Leaders to steer their companies more powerfully, confidently and effectively in English, but also for Parents and Teenagers who wish to radically improve their life on every level.

Allegra is a Certified Life Coach, Accredited Transformational and NLP Coach and Qualified CELTA English Language Mentor with a contagious passion for life that is crystal clear as soon as you meet her.

Being able to communicate intelligently and with intention having defined the exact path on which you are navigating and having built a clear concise strategy for obtaining your goals is a pre-cursor for creating IMPACT on the world.

With over 20 years experience as an English Language Mentor, Certified Transformational Life Coach and NLP Coach, Allegra combined her skills and experiences to build her biggest passion yet:


Now on a mission to awaken the extraordinary potential hidden within every man, woman and child and highly motivated and dedicated to her vision for the world; THE HIGHER YOU Program was created to serve that very purpose.

Allegra is passionate about helping others transform their lives for the better no matter their situation or status.

Knowledgeable in the field of ESL Mentoring, Transformational Coaching, NLP and Mindfulness and having radically transformed her own life; she is both resourceful and creative in implementing innovative ideas to improve the lives of her clients.

Her mission is to teach others the remarkable skills that she herself used to Overcome Fear after she had to face the most challenging circumstances which left her having to start again from ground zero at the age of 45.

To all those currently facing adversity in its many forms:

You are a Born Creator.

You hold within you a courage to embrace the vision that contrasts your current circumstances or reality, even if you cannot presently see any evidence of a way out, You CAN Create it.

Everything you see around you was first perceived through the Imagination, and when you reject the Creator, you worship the Creation….

You are an essential part of One Whole Life Force playing itself out and because of that, you hold the same power to create, but you never noticed it for you were too busy imprisoned in the depths of the analytical mind whose only purpose is to keep you in the same cyclical pattern.

Imagine a blank canvas all around, You are the one holding the paintbrush.

Let go of what you can presently see and envisage a new reality, one which allows you to be in alignment with your soul’s mission.

Ordinary people believe in the possible.

Extraordinary people visualise not what is possible or probable, they visualise


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