Falling into Love

You and I have been in training our whole lives. 

All of the relationships we’ve ever experienced and the difficulties we have had to overcome have granted us a greater understanding and awareness of what Love actually is.

It has helped to build who we have become and was all in preparation for the day we would meet.

I can see it SO clearly now…

This was the beginning of a letter I wrote to Gary 3 years ago.

Little did I know of what was yet to come, but that is another story…

Once you come into contact with a glimpse of the Real You and not the masked individual that lies beneath all the debris and all the labels and Beliefs you had chosen for yourself; you begin to understand the astonishing design of your own life.

Don’t think this doesn’t apply to you, it is more real than you have the ability to perceive at this moment but I can assure you; the path you find yourself on, no matter how monotonous, how arduous or how dull it seems, it IS ASTONISHING when You have eyes to really see it.

“How can you love another if you do not love yourself, I ask?”

Wise words indeed. How can you even begin to think of loving another when you have no idea who you even are?

If we can truly understand the meaning of this, there would be a lot less hearts broken on this planet…

but then again; everything comes about to lead you to the same place.

The very reason you do not love yourself is because you haven’t yet Found Yourself.

By loving oneself, I am not implying that one must parade about in all his ‘Self Righteousness,’ proclaiming himself superior to all others. That is the opposite of what I speak.

The identity we are unconsciously playing and seeking to adhere is all but an illusion; for it only exists in the Mind.

In order to unveil the answer to that essential question which you probably pondered on as a child, you must transcend the linear based limitations of the mind which detain you from discovering yourself.

To love Oneself is to know Oneself

Without Self-Love we are still lost at sea with nowhere to go, tossed about by the chaos of our external world and at the mercy of our own environment.

Yet, you really are Not.

What you failed to realise is; YOU were the one steering the boat all this time.

You were fed suggestions that you were not able to perceive as they were unconsciously playing in the back of your mind, like a record being played incessantly in the background, you had little chance of winning because you were completely oblivious as to what you were up against: an emotionless, merciless highly efficient ancient mechanism.

In fact, there isn’t a computer on this planet as powerful as your mind.

At some point in your life, you agreed to adhere to a certain identity and commit to a certain way of life with certain standards and beliefs [albeit unconsciously] and when you did, your mind was listening, your mind obeyed your every wish and became the voice that influenced your every move, following that initial command and leading you to where you are today.

The moment you embrace who you are and strip yourself of these false meanings and perceptions, you begin to emit a different vibration, in the same way you would tune into a radio station; you switched the dial to a different frequency.

Your Heart is a Transmitter and as you reach the frequency that matches Self-love it sends out a signal to the Universe.

One which will invoke your Twin; even from anywhere in the world.

The so-called twin flame connection is so strong that you can feel a physical pull which at times, feels like you’re being ripped out of yourself. 

Your Twin is like a mirror image to your soul, they trigger you to clear all past negative karma, this is why it is so important to embrace the Inner Child within You.

This unique journey is an arduous yet profoundly beautiful one and is a gift not to be taken lightly, for therein lies a mission, every twin couple coming together right now are here for one purpose alone;

To fulfil a mission beyond their own personal development and aid the spiritual awakening of the planet.

True love does not look beyond what it already holds

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