The One

Who said True Love can only be found in Fairytales?

They clearly hadn’t met the ONE …

The very reason we all loved those stories is because we resonated with them.

Why do we Resonate with them?

Because every story we were ever told represents a forgotten remnant of who we are.

Take yourself back to when you were a child; what were Your Dreams, Your Aspirations and Your Beliefs

What did you absolutely love imagining doing or being?

There lies the key to a Secret you are holding within you, and the very reason you were born, a secret which has the power to open the door of infinite possibility.

Your Destiny lies where you never thought to look, at the very heart of your being. 

You must learn to bypass the incessant chatter of the ‘logical’ mind and instead open your heart’s intuition centre, discarding the illusion of the outside world to make your own inner world more real.

Look within for the answers you have always been searching for, they cannot be found anywhere other than within You.

Love as we know it holds no resemblance to the kind of love you will hold for The One who is your Twin.

Unquestionable is the unbreakable bond you recognise when your Twin Flame appears. 

You know who they are but you don’t know how you know. 

Twin Flames hold massive potential to impact the world and have been sent here for a purpose to help raise the Earth’s Level of Consciousness.

Every Twin Flame Journey is unique to itself, but one aspect they all share, is the Great Purging of the Soul.

Your Twin will unintentionally take you on a breathtaking ride into the depths of your darkest fears until you are forced to face them head on.

Hiding your feelings in any way or for any reason is futile and will only make the situation worse. 

Twins must live in Truth for that is WHO THEY ARE

They cannot hide from each other for they share the same soul.

They are mirrors of the same and reflect each other’s light or darkness and this is why it becomes so difficult at times when both fall into a low energy frequency level.

The Twin Flame Union is the most Beautiful, Magical Experience you could ever have and by far the greatest gift you could ever receive. 

Meeting your Twin is Life-changing, we know very well ourselves as we have been luck enough to come together in this lifetime.

To all of you together and coming together:

Shine your Light, Embark on Your Mission and Always Be Grateful for your Gift!

Love Gary & Allegra Lite

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