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A valuable source of wisdom for the Awakened Soul.”

The truth is: 

You can’t THINK your way out of a life of lack.

The only way out is to create a world where incredible things are not only possible; they are Expected and Multitudinous.

Then you must reside in that world, spending more time there in your imagination, than you do in the outer one. 

In time, it will change you.

Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Actions will begin to reflect the world you constructed, this will gradually begin to form and take shape in your outer reality.

You may notice subtle changes, some of which can be quite startling at first, then slowly but surely, (some quicker than others), you will metamorphose into a different person, a more advanced version of yourself, someone capable of achieving things the ‘old you’ simply couldn’t

You will become THE HIGHER YOU. 

Strong Mental Health, Physical Health and Emotional Resiliency are obtained through the Development of Self Awareness.

Learning to Transmute Negative Energy, Cultivate a Growth Mindset, Access and Rewire Unconscious Limiting Beliefs are all fundamental elements to Embodying The Higher You.

Align with your Purpose, attract the Perfect Partner and Manifest the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of.

You cannot live your best life stuck in the familiar Comfort Zone!

Gary and Allegra Lite are Twin Flames who synchronistically found each other from across the world and had to face ‘impossible circumstances’ to come together, both are on a mission to help YOU unlock your potential and embody The Higher You.

Discover groundbreaking information on subjects such as;

Psychology, Spirituality, Relationships, Health, Neuroscience, Ancient Knowledge, Hidden Secrets, Parenting and much much more…

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The Higher You is committed to providing continuous valuable content which has not only personally contributed to our journey of Awakening, but can allow for the opening of the ‘ajna chakra,’ the key to accessing Higher Consciousness and Intuition known to many as ‘the third eye.’

Every one of us holds within a Vocation and an Instinct for Excellence. Age doesn’t matter, status doesn’t matter, none of it matters. It is simply our willingness to take responsibility for our own actions and take the seat behind the driver’s wheel of our life, that is most essentially, the ONLY thing that matters.

You are nothing short of a MIRACLE, stick around and we’ll show you why…

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