After interviewing over 500 people on a global scale, I have noticed a pattern.

I consistently see people who have completely given up on their dreams, who get up on a morning not wanting to get out of bed, who go to work in the same way they went to school: tired, discouraged, anxious, disempowered, stressed, unwilling, unhappy.

The same way we went to school, we go to work.

The global numbers of anxiety, depression, suicide, oh and let’s not forget the labels: ADHD, Autism….

We need to stop looking at it the WRONG WAY, these children are a highly valuable addition to our society!

Do you recognise some of the names on the list below? These people were believed to have Autism as they were said to have met the ‘criteria.’

Sir Isaac Newton – British mathematician, astronomer and physicist
Michelangelo – Italian sculptor, painter, and architect
Charles Darwin – British naturalist, geologist, and biologist
Thomas Jefferson – American politician
James Joyce – Irish author
Albert Einstein – German theoretical physicist.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Austrian classical composer
Nikola Tesla – inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer
Marie-Curie – Polish dual Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Alan Turing – father of modern computing, mathematician and logician, code breaker in WW2
Henry Ford – American industrialist and business magnate

Everything about our current structure is WRONG.

ADHD is a direct result of the total imbalance of our lifestyles, we’re consistently bombarded with ongoing distractions from a million apps that demand our immediate attention, is it any wonder we’re finding it difficult to focus?

Were we ever even taught HOW to focus our mind?

Are YOU able to fully maintain your focus?

How long can you hold your attention on someone or something before your mind starts drifting off somewhere?

So, how can we expect our children to be able to concentrate to learn pages and pages of outdated information that they will most likely never need, when they don’t even know how to optimise their brain power because nobody taught them!

Do you know that – because of an ongoing influx of societal demands and an overwhelm of data streaming into our awareness, your attention rate is now said to be lower than a goldfish?

Then we question why Alzheimer’s is on the rise!

People come to me saying they’re lazy, let me just say this…


We must learn to harness the Power of the Mind

You were never taught about the incredible highly sophisticated operating system that you are a part of and NO, your brain is thankfully NOT a computer, you are an incredibly intelligent human being with SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but they didn’t tell you that did they???

So, you started believing a story; “I’m useless, I never get it right, I can never finish anything I do, everything is always my fault, I don’t deserve to be happy, nobody could ever love me…,” I could keep on writing for hours.

After Interviewing so many people worldwide I can tell you that these thoughts are UNIVERSAL and it is partially because of the way we have been trained throughout our life…

Want to know how to brainwash someone?


There are some devices in your house that are influencing your decisions without you even knowing it.

We have been told so many lies on a global scale for the intention of creating division through strong contrasting views to put us at war with each other whilst those who set up the system watch us destroy one another while they bask in their wealth, gaining yet more power and influence as we sit behind our brainwashing tool being fed evermore adverts of food and news that will reduce yet another year from our lives.

This system is crumbling and people are awakening to the truth and finally seeing beyond the lies at how, for the last 200 years our grandparents and families were enslaved in a system that was never created to help them thrive, it was only created to ensure that we kept the system in place and gave up any ridiculous idea that we could actually build a beautiful life for ourselves.

We think our lives are insignificant because we’ve been through years of conditioning to eradicate any belief that we could do anything of real importance with our lives, only a few fortunate ones manage to achieve their dreams, but this is usually because they did the inner work.

“Get your head out of the clouds” was the normal narrative, but it wasn’t our grandparent’s fault, they were enslaved in the system too.

We have been indoctrinated into a system that has brainwashed all of us into believing that life consists in getting an education, which by the way means “Breeding,” where you’re exposed to rigorous examination and taught matters in different subjects that you’re NEVER GOING TO NEED because they are NOT SERVING YOU!

I have personally interviewed hundreds of people WORLDWIDE and asked them what they can remember from all the studying they did at school for over 15 years, want to know the answer???


We gave +15 years of our life to a system for what?

…So that you could be conditioned to become a functional member of the Social Economic System.

Modern Slavery.

It’s not about Black Lives Matter, that’s another one of their tricks to get us to fight against one another, once again.

“Divide et Impera” (Divide & Conquer) is still very alive today

You divide the people up into Countries, Languages, Religions, Races, Politics, Gender, Football Teams, You name it… GENIUS isn’t it!

Can you see it yet???

This system will fall and we need to understand that we were never at war, our human connection IS our strength and we must set down our weapons between one another and understand that the ONLY WAY for us to end this modern day slavery is to come to the realisation that…

Everyone Around the Globe in Every Single Country, Regardless of Race, Sex, Age, Religion, Beliefs, are Really JUST LIKE YOU.

It is those who are governing our world, those who hold ultimate power who give the illusion to the people that they have some kind of control, this is why they give us the game of politics while they watch us get so heated up in arguments that will result in the same outcome.

Let’s play “Follow the leader!”

Perhaps we should take a closer look at our ‘leaders’ and exactly WHERE they are leading us.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s all just two sides of the same coin.

Old paradigms never actually died, they are still very alive, but you just didn’t see it. I didn’t either but believe me, now my eyes are OPEN WIDE.

Our power is in our CONNECTION, we must understand that much of what is said on our tv devices is propaganda, created to sway the public opinion and keep them from ever discovering the truth about their own unique potential, what you feed your mind with, you’re feeding your cells and your cells are always listening and obeying whatever the environment is projecting.

Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the Television had high hopes for his device, he called it ‘a window to the world’ but when he discovered whose hands it would fall into and what they would use it for, he actually prohibited his own children from engaging with his own invention, saying, “I have created a monster and it will have no place in our home.

You Hold Greatness Inside

You are literally a LIVING MIRACLE but your mind is working against you because you trained it that way, simply because you believed as a child, that you had to give up on your dreams.

Your mind is NOT your enemy, it is your greatest ALLY, but you must learn how to rewrite the stories you once told yourself and create new, empowering ones because no matter your age, health or situation, wherever you are now; you have the power to TURN EVERYTHING AROUND.

I’m trying to get this message out to people but on my own there are only so many I can reach so please share this message with as many people as you can because too many people are feeling this way and I want them to know they’re NOT ALONE.

My wish is to do live events in schools, colleges, workplaces, communities to try and spread this word to show people that you’re really NOT STUCK!

To all of you who read this, know that you can get yourself out of whatever is creating pain in your life, it is my wish that you learn more about who you are underneath all those disempowering labels that you have taken on, it’s time to let them go.

If you feel you have no one who believes in you, then let me tell you that I BELIEVE IN YOU.

All my love as always,

Allegra Lite.

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