The Journey

No matter where we are on the journey of life, we are all reenacting the same Epic story.

The Path of the Hero’s Journey is not for the fainthearted, for those with a ‘Faint heart‘ or ‘False heart’ cannot embark on such a journey, as they cannot perceive of the path itself, for it is invisible to them.

“ Reach high! For the stars lie hidden within your soul. Dream deep! For every dream precedes the goal...”

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Hidden within the very depths of ones soul lies an intelligence which is learning and experiencing itself through your every move and your every emotion.

Ever present, it has always been there with you throughout your entire existence, experiencing life through the joys and the heartbreak, the fears and the excitement all the time waiting for you to awaken to its innate presence…

It is only when we begin to ask the perpetual questions which hold the answers to what we are seeking, are we able to finally open our eyes.

“Who am I?” and so “Why am I?”

When we embark on a quest for Truth and for Meaning to uncover a mere glimpse of the Intention of reality, when we submerse ourselves in pursuit of “what is,” on a crusade for Purpose; it is then that…

The Journey begins.

Those who are ready to deepen or formally embark on a spiritual journey are most likely to be standing at some kind of an emotional crossroads.

Often when we reflect on our life and all the experiences that this represents, we discover some kind of innate knowledge that in some cosmic universal way, it all must be making sense;

…even though on the surface, it appears to represent absolute chaos.

We somehow know deep down that we are in some way, the driving force behind our own destiny.

Beneath our desires for materialistic properties, lie the reality of what we are truly seeking;

Some are looking to find their Purpose, others are wishing for Change, many seek Peace from their sufferings, some are searching to find Love, others are begging for Miracles but ALL want to know the extent of who they Really Are. We are all in search of OURSELVES.

You are seeking The Higher YOU.

The Unalome symbol in Buddhism represents the Path to Enlightenment and holds within it the entire philosophy of Human existence.

It can be recognised by a spiralled base followed by a series of looped curves, which slowly begin to transform into one straight line which is typically crowned with 3 dots. 

This symbol epitomises our experience as human beings on Earth, signifying a deeper awareness of our movement through life leading to a shifting in consciousness as we come to a deeper understanding of the ebbs and flows of the patterns that are presented to us that call for our awakening.

Everything that happens to us is to teach us more about who we are and why we are here.

Our duty is to separate ourselves from a perceptual outcome and understand what lesson we are being taught.

The Powerful wisdom of the Deepest Secret Teachings of Tibet all aspire to deliver this one message:

Enlightenment is Your Birthright

The Seeker must Look within for the answers he is seeking. For the holy grail lies in the one place he never thought to look.

Open your heart and awaken your mind “Liberate yourself, and you liberate the world.”

All you need you already hold.

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