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Anything is possible.

Inevitably, we reach certain moments in our lives where no matter how hard we try to control things, we just can’t predict what will happen next.

Let’s be honest…

Uncertain times have the tendency to cause anxiety and worry, reduce you to an almost paralytic state and make you doubt all your capabilities.

The unpredictable is scary, but it’s only that way because you’re looking the wrong way…

Fear derives from the quality of your thinking and if you let your thoughts determine your state, you’re most likely going to be living in the depths of hell when experiencing your biggest fears.

It also means that you just got duped by an amygdala attack. Again.

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Imagine for a minute that you feared nothing; Step into that vision for just one minute.

How would that feel?

What would You DO if you had no fear?

Who could You even BE ?

We have learnt to put ourselves in a box and around that box we have attached labels and meanings derived from circumstances that have happened to us in our lifetime, these meanings have inhibited us from evolving into a greater version of ourselves.

We are reminded of these meanings each time our mind suspects a threat coming from similar circumstances or events (which could even be the scent of someone’s perfume you just walked by).

Just when we’re feeling alright, here comes our primitive friend, known to many as the Inner Critic; that voice in our head which controls our every move from behind the scenes without us even noticing its untimely enticements because it is embedded within our own personal unconscious programming.

So does this mean that we are simply a set of predictable walking compendiums?

Most certainly not!

We always have a CHOICE…

Imagine You’re standing at the crossroads and you have two possibilities;

  1. Will lead you back to the same cycle and everything you are accustomed to, it will present you with experiences similar to what you are already used to which will generate in turn, the same familiar people, circumstances, emotions and responses.
  2. Will project you onto uncharted territory which will lead to New Experiences, New Opportunities, New Possibilities, and a New You.

If fear was only a limitation of the mind; Which would you Choose?

The realm of the unknown is the very doorway to unleashing your True Potential.

The very reason we find ourselves in certain situations, is because we had been running from our Truth our whole lives.

Life will repeat to you what you have previously refused to face in order to resolve those unresolved feelings.”

It will do it over and over again until you resign to facing it, either because you no longer have a choice or because you have awoken to the truth within you.

If uncertainty is the doorway needed to access a higher potential, then Energy is the key to opening it.

Worry, fear, guilt and shame are all low level energy transmitters that are NOT going to open that door.

You let that control you? You’ll get sick, Fast.

The very reason you’re facing your fear and stepping into the unknown, is so you can;

Go through that door and unlock your true potential.

To do that, you need to Switch Frequencies, just like a radio dial does.

How to elevate your frequency

  • You can turn up the frequency by choosing what to focus on.
  • Create a VIVID picture in your mind of what you want and Why you want it.
  • Get Super Clear about Where you want to go from here and Why it’s important to you.
  • Decipher steps to get there and Take Immediate Action.

Here’s a Tip for you…

The E-motion of Fear is quite astonishingly physically alike to that of Excitement.

When you’re making changes in your life and you find yourself having fearful thoughts that have triggered that familiar pit in the stomach feeling;

First of all;

Bring yourself back to the Present, Notice where you are, Hear the sounds around you and the smells lingering in the air, Notice the temperature of the room and the feeling of the clothes on your skin and then turn your attention to the sound of your breathing.

Breath naturally in and out through your nose and notice the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

Now; Shift Your Thoughts back to the vision you have created of the New You.

Use the feeling in your stomach to switch from Fear to EXCITEMENT

The pit in the stomach feeling transforms into hundreds of Butterflies as you bring to life once again, the vision that you are claiming as Yours, right here and right now. ?

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