Here’s the science behind fearful thinking; why it happens and how to take hold of the reins to steer your thinking in the right direction towards what you REALLY want.

The Amygdala is the very core of the Brain’s Fear Centre.

Our selection regarding where we choose to focus our attention, fundamentally leaves an impact on which chemicals and proteins will be released by the brain to the body and therefore will inevitably affect us on a physical level

This is because it is partially responsible for the Emotional Processing

So every time you experience some kind of event that you perceive as stressful, the brain sends out a distress signal to the hypothalamus which acts as the brains’ “Command Centre.”

This also applies to events in the present which in some degree resemble negative events of the past.

This is then communicated to the rest of the body through the Nervous System which in turn, activates the so-called Fight-or-Flight Response.

This triggers the release of hormones such as Cortisol & Adrenaline (which also supplies oxygen to the muscles) and provides the body with a burst of energy so that it is able to respond to perceived dangers

Which you may have needed in primitive times, but given that we’re in the 21st Century, every time we experience high levels of stress, we probably won’t need to be running for our lives.

Science is providing evidence for how our thoughts and our unique perceptions considerably affect the way in which our brain ‘functions’ and explains why different people have diverse reactions to the same external stressors.

Here is a quote from the book “Switch on your brain,”  by Neuroscientist: Dr. Caroline Leaf :

“Thinking triggers genes, our reactions shape our brain, and thinking transforms our DNA. Our brain does not exercise control over us. We exercise control over our brain with the help of our thoughts and selections.”

In short: Who we are and what we experience has a direct correlation to the quality of our thinking.

Watch this short video below…

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