You are an aperture through which the Universe is exploring and experiencing itself.

You are an extraordinary complex being in the web of life, beautifully entangled with everything around you.

As philosopher Alan Watts stated, “You are a function of what the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.”

You are anything but insignificant.

Most perceive themselves to be experiencing the human condition separately.

This is all but an illusion, for in actual fact, we are all indissolubly connected by the human condition INTERDEPENDENTLY.

We act as mirrors to one another other.

It is through this extraordinary, complex interaction with others, that we can then learn the contents of our own inner world.

Through others, we can observe our own reflection and become aware of what we are suppressing and emitting ourselves.

This is what humanity must begin to see in order for the healing process to take place.

However, at the heart of the human condition, many are faced with a predominant fear.

Because of our conditioning, most fear facing their truer interdependent self.

The consequence of ‘dis-identification’ would mean disrupting those lies that we have been conveniently telling ourselves in order to conform to a society that dictates how we should be.

For too long we have suffered amnesia satisfying the Ego at the expense of the Eco.

The Earth is a living system of which we are all an aspect.

We are intrinsically connected to the Earth and an essential active function of the cosmos itself, yet we have forgotten what our ancestors knew and honoured for centuries before us.

Human beings are fundamentally interconnected therefore, with ALL Earth’s lifeforms.

The boundaries we place between ourselves and that of nature, are illusory and self-destructive.

Earth’s global issues cannot be resolved without the ability to observe and acknowledge man’s interconnectedness to one another and its indestructible bond to nature itself.

You are a fundamental part of the web of life, intrinsically intertwined in a beautiful complex dance of existence.

What you do to the web, you do unto yourself.

Who you choose to become and what choices you make, have the power to literally change the course of history for ALL of mankind.

You are the Universe experiencing itself.


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