A new Beginning…

This transformative, radically different approach to English Language Learning is paving the way for a COLOSSAL shift in so many people’s lives…

This long-awaited solution is ideal for all those who want more from life and who desire to take hold of the wheel and direct themselves towards their goals and desires whilst radically improving their English Language Skills.

Here at Transformational English I am on a mission to radically transform English language learning as we currently know it.

Gone are the days of text books and grammar books and role plays and exams; Where we’re going, you won’t need any of that…

Unlike your traditional English learning environment, I take each individual’s needs into account.

Progress in any skill or language requires Attention and if the environment doesn’t evoke or inspire you to want to feel engaged, then the probability of you absorbing and retaining this new information is null and void.

Here’s the bare truth of it…

Sometimes we take things way too seriously.

During my many years teaching, I must confess to having rolled my eyes on countless occasions where foreign English language teachers would insist on spending so much time wanting to ‘perfect’ their knowledge of English grammar, impressing the same methods on their students rather than incorporating it into their lifestyle and routine.

This obsession with grammar clearly stems from the conditioning derived from outdated conventional methods of learning.

Let me just get this out….



Do you want to know what really lays the perfect foundation for Success in any new skill you want to invest in?

It’s Your Mind!

Learning is an INNER GAME!

It’s what goes on inside your mind that will make ALL the difference to what you see on the outside!

To be able to successfully gain expertise in any given area, the primary focus must be to shift outdated inner paradigms which inhibit any chance of you mastering the area of your choice.

Transformational English was created with the intention of empowering clients to elevate their thinking, achieve their goals and desires whilst effortlessly acquiring knowledge of the English Language.

At Transformational English You won’t study English, you will use it as a Tool to develop a deeper knowledge of WHERE You are going and WHO You want to BECOME.

The words we learn are Powerful Tools in today’s society; how we choose to utilise them will determine what results we obtain, words are “Spelled,” for a reason and the way we form our “Sentences,” will inevitably shape our Future….

The decisions we make today will directly affect everything we will experience tomorrow, it is our overthinking that consistently blocks our progress from achieving those hidden desires.

Our intention is for You to Succeed in Creating a Life You Love by raising self awareness and elevating your standards.

I help my clients find Direction in their life and gain more Clarity with regard to Personal Development and Goal Setting.

I encourage my clients to take control and select the areas he or she wishes to work on, whether it be around Personal Growth, Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships, Career Path, Finding Purpose, Parenting or Family Relationships.

You decide which area needs the most attention and if you’re not sure; we’ll find it together!

The categories listed below are all intricately related to achieving success in the areas mentioned above and are in direct compliance to what Transformational English has to offer: YOUR BREAKTHROUGH.

With over 20 years experience of ESL Mentoring, Transformational English caters for people of ALL AGES, from Young People to Adults, from Intermediate level to Advanced.

My Passion is Empowering others to Embody a Sense of Purpose

My sessions are Customised and Flexible, built around You and Your needs specifically to boost your knowledge and push you to achieve your goals.

If You’re looking to:

  • Create more impact for yourself or your business
  • Eradicate Anxiety and Depression
  • Escape negative thinking
  • Get out of bad habits
  • Find Inner strength
  • Put an end to procrastination
  • Transform your lifestyle
  • Change career path
  • Find the perfect partner
  • Find your purpose

*All whilst radically improving your English…

Then go ahead and contact me now: Allegra Lite

Allegra Lite is a Language & Transformational Life Coach who Powerfully influences people of all ages to destroy limiting beliefs, exude confidence and achieve goals, all whilst radically improving English Language Skills.

Her skills make her particularly relevant not only for Business Leaders to steer their companies more powerfully, confidently and effectively in English but also for Parents and Teenagers who wish to radically improve their life on every level.

Allegra is a Certified ICF Life Coach, NLP Coach and Qualified CELTA English Language Mentor.

Being able to communicate intelligently and with intention having defined the exact path on which you are navigating and having built a clear concise strategy for obtaining your goals is a pre-cursor for creating IMPACT on the world.

These skills are the most sought-after in the competitive world of international business today.

Remember, “YOU are the Sole Author of Your Story.”

~ Allegra Lite.


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