The opposite of Fear is LOVE

Embrace Your Authenticity

Most of the time we don’t take action on our ideas because we fear disappointing our loved ones as it would require the unveiling of a different YOU that doesn’t identify with other’s expectations and therefore you also fear rejection and ridicule. This fear is a shackle, an invisible barrier to the authenticity that is the essence of your being.

I’ve been through this journey myself and I know all-too-well how unsettling and arduous it can be – but believe me, IT’S WORTH IT.

The Price of Silence

Telling your TRUTH is the first step to Freedom of self and takes courage, but the only other alternative is to live a life that wasn’t truly what YOU wanted and then regret not doing anything when you had the time. The cost of this silence is immense, a heavy toll on the soul that manifests as a life half-lived, dreams unfulfilled, and a whisper of ‘what if’ that haunts the corridors of your mind.

The number one regret of the dying is this: “I wish I had lived my life being true to myself, instead of living a life based on other people’s expectations.” I don’t know about you, but that hit me hard! Check out the book by Bronnie Ware “Top 5 regrets of the dying.”

The Truth

The transformation of self into the Higher version of You is the GREATEST thing you could do for yourself, your family, and your planet. It is not just a journey of self-improvement; it is a pilgrimage to the heart of who you are. It is your PURPOSE and why you are HERE!

By NOT choosing to discover the extents of what you are capable of, is denying the world of your hidden innate talents and full potential!

The Calling

So when you get that intuitive voice speaking within your heart, giving you an idea where you can’t quite distinguish where it’s come from but the idea of it excites you, THAT is the next step forward! This is the universe conspiring in your favour, it’s your calling beckoning you to step into the light of your true potential.

Take immediate ACTION

Here’s some advice for that moment: DON’T HESITATE. DON’T START THINKING ABOUT IT. Instead, take one first step towards that beautiful idea that you received. Write it down and do at least ONE THING towards it. This single action is the spark that can ignite a wildfire of change, the first domino in a cascade of transformation.

As Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem from the same place that created it!”

The MIND! Your mind represents all your programmed and unconscious behaviour and cannot imagine anything beyond that programming, because you haven’t written it yet!

You must challenge yourself to embrace a newfound vision that INSPIRES you and EXCITES you and understand that there are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve!

Find Joy DAILY

Don’t waste your life not loving it! Those ideas were given to you because you’re SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH THEM! This is the universe entrusting you with a vision, a purpose that is yours alone to realise. It is a sacred trust, a mission imprinted upon your soul for you to rise to the potential, you never even knew you had!

YOU get to decide who you can be! Everyone else sees in you, only who they want to see! Your Life is YOURS so MAKE IT YOURS and TAKE CONTROL OF THE WHEEL!

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