“Thank you for being kind to everyone and the world! I believe your kindness can change a lot of people who are lost, under much pressure and looking for definition in their lives.”

“Ms Allegra is a passionate teacher, we can learn not only English with her but also how to live our life in a positive and healthy way bases on scientific facts. If you are looking for some different subjects or topics in English ,you can’t miss it!”

“Allegra is a really cheerful teacher. Her encouragement has not only helped me improve my English skills, but also motivated us to strive towards becoming better versions of ourselves.”

“Allegra is a wonderful teacher for anyone who likes to find an enthusiastic and passionate instructor. Thanks for always being so kind to me and trying to deal with any issues in English and my real life.”

“You can not only practice English but also learn about life attitude and so much beyond the course!”

“Allegra taught me more about how to make life be better and how to power ourself. in the class. It is helpful and useful, thanks for Allegra’s great help and ongoing encouragement.”

“Today we were talking about how to overcome fear and darkness in our lives, You gave me such helpful solutions to make me cope with these.Thank you sooooo much!”

“Thank you so much for lighting up everybody all over the world and trying your best to help everyone who reaches out to you.”

“Thanks for inspiring and encouraging me all the time with so many life experiences. I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you so much for telling me so many supportive words that really make me better believe in myself and have less fear. Again, I sincerely appreciate your encouragement.”

“I can feel Allegra’s passion through the whole class. She’s patient and willing to share, and I do learn a lot from her sharing!”

“Teacher is really kind and supportive , not only the English lesson but also a life training class , two thumbs up!”

“Allegra is a very nice teacher , she not only shares some skills about learning English , but also shares some tips for mental health. I enjoy talking with her.”

“A new lead-in way I’ve ever met, Allegra is such an amazing Mentor!”

“Love talking with Allegra and get full energy from her♥️♥️♥️”

“With her holistic approach, Allegra can leave me something to think about after every lesson!”

“She is full of energy and had lots of experience in teaching. She’s an empowered woman.”

“Amazing communications coach and pronunciation expert, highly knowledgeable.”

“A great beginning of my day. Can’t wait for our next meeting!”

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