Utilise this template to write, construct, or analyse your own story or that of another.

How do the events of your story fit with the stages of the hero’s journey?

How does the protagonist fit the characteristics of the hero?

How does the journey itself fit into the hero journey template?

Title: __________________________________ Protagonist: _________________________

Phases of the Journey:

Directions: For each phase, write what happens in the text and explain how it fits the template.

Ordinary World: Describe the initial setting of the story

Call to Adventure: The hero is presented with a problem, challenge or adventure.

Refusal of the Call: The hero hesitates because of fear – something happens to further tempt the hero to take up the challenge.

Meeting with the Mentor: Someone to advise or guide the hero is introduced.

Outside the hero’s “normal” world: The hero commits to undertaking the challenge and agrees to face the consequences.

Crossing the Threshold of Tests, Allies, and Enemies: A series of further problems comes along to test the hero along the way.

Approach to the Inmost Cave: This is the edge of the most dangerous place in this other world.

Ordeal: The hero confronts her/his greatest fear – the height of suspense and tension in the story.

Reward: The hero seizes the object of the quest e.g. Knowledge that leads to a better “ordinary” world, a magic key or grail, or an insight.

The Road Back/Return to the “Ordinary” World: The hero still has to deal with the consequences of the reward: evil forces might pursue him/her.

Resurrection: This is the turning point for the hero who is forced to use this new knowledge, skills, or magic object to prevent his/her own “death.”

Return with the Elixir: The hero returns to the ordinary world with new knowledge, skill, or an object to heal or benefit the ordinary world. 

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