Who do you think you are?

This is an idiomatic expression in English often used to counter-attack a person who has over-stepped the mark, but what if I asked you this question in the literal sense?

What would your answer be and how would you describe yourself in all honesty?

Your worst opponent is your own mind, until you learn to dominate it to become your greatest Ally.

Everything you have experienced and accumulated throughout life, how you reacted to the circumstances that were presented to you, and what you chose to believe as True, will inevitably form an identity that you attach to your current Persona.

This Introspective view of yourself and WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE YOU ARE will inevitably determine what Decisions you make, how you Act, how you Behave, what Actions you take and how you Show Up in Society.

? Your subconscious mind relentlessly attempts to keep you running on the same program at the same energy level; (I.e the same Thoughts, Feelings, Fears, Situations, Problems, arising in your life).

Consider that we can make up to 35’000 decisions per day and very often have ideas that have the potential to shift our life to a next level, but the moment we hesitate to take action on that idea, we’re taking the backseat ride to nowhere.


?? YOU are NOT the LABELS you have been placing on yourself!

?? By defining yourself you are setting limits for what you can or cannot do and that is NOT who you truly are!

?? We were all taught to define who we think we are, we were put into categories but by doing so, we gave up and stopped Evolving!

?? Who YOU ARE and what you BELIEVE YOU ARE CAPABLE of is simply an ILLUSION!

The Truth is.., YOU don’t even KNOW Who you are or what you are capable of yet, because you stopped believing!

As Bruce lee said, “Be like Water.”


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