How you View Yourself Matters

How are your unconscious beliefs ruining your life?

We have all been conditioned to believe One Version of who we are, but these repressed, unconscious “Beliefs,” about ourselves are what is really Shaping our Reality.

What if we are able to Reprogram those Beliefs to be able to Attract the Results that we Actually Want?

What would happen if you were suddenly able to Let go of any form of Lack, such as the Fear of Not Being Worthy, or Not Being “Good Enough,” known as The Imposter Syndrome.

You would View the World through a different Lens and Your Life would not only have a different meaning, but it would attract Radically Different Results.

We See the World in a SUBJECTIVE Manner, which then means that we all REACT DIFFERENTLY.

Your Beliefs about Who You Are and the World Around You will Dictate Your Life.

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How am I controlling what is going on in my life?

Your Perception IS Your Projection, in other words; whatever YOU PERCEIVE TO BE TRUE, is True for YOU.

Let’s say you’re Projecting Unconscious Thoughts that Play, “I’m not worthy of that person.”

You are Unconsciously Programming Your Mind to Create this Exact Reality through your Own Valuation of what is Real.

Consequently your mind will jump into action to prevent you from actually having that relationship.

On average we think 16’000 to 17’000 thoughts a day and of these, 90% are identical as the day before.


We are the result of our Thoughts and Emotions. By projecting these into our reality we will always receive results of a similar nature.

Your External Reality is a Mirror of what goes on INTERNALLY.

Your Interconnection with your environment will reflect whatever is going on underneath the surface. 

Imagine you are in a dark Room, the point of the room where you shine your flashlight, is what you are focusing your attention on.

Yet there is much more that you cannot see only because you haven’t Expanded your View.

The quality of the lens through which you view the world, (which is your perception), will determine the results that will show up in Your life. 

Now let’s take into account your biology; Your brain is hard wired to look for more proof of what you are projecting.

Let me explain…

When you are focused on something specific, (e.g. a Person, a Perfume, a Car, even a Certain Word if you’re learning a new language), you’re going to See it appear more often, it was always available to you but because your attention was focused elsewhere you simply didn’t see it.

You Attract Things that are OF VALUE TO YOU

…and the meaning that You give to those things, is what will Show Up in Your Reality.

Everything that makes up our Life is an accumulation of all the baggage we have held onto as a result of all of our experiences to date, this has also molded our perception of who we believe we are, but all of it, is simply an illusion.

Where did these Perceptions Come From?

As children we were told that we needed to do better, or that we weren’t good enough. Perhaps our parents had high expectations for us to achieve something that they reputed as good for our future.

We unconsciously absorbed these perceptions as if they were OUR OWN and then began to run that very program, (in sync with many others).

If You’re running the program of, “I Need to Feel Worthy,” you’re never going to feel that worth because your mind is still running the program of, “needing,” (not being).

Until this is rewired, you will be generating the same program of “Trying to Prove Your Worth.”

How can I Achieve the Results I desire?

Everything is a Relationship.

In order to Understand the blocks that may be Inhibiting you from achieving the results you desire, take a look at your relationships…

What is Your relationship towards relationships Itself, towards Money, Career, Colleagues… and how about your relationship with yourself?

Whether you are a Son/Daughter, Mother/Wife, Husband/Father etc.

We categorise these relationships by constructing a subconscious program based on what we believe to be true about who we are.

The Stronger the Emotion you hold towards something, the Bigger the Meaning and Value You are Attaching to it.

Your Identity and the meaning you have attached to it is the central core for what you are currently experiencing.

To Invite into your Life the circumstances and situations that YOU want to see arise, you need to start to cultivate your thoughts.

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What Steps can I take to notice My Unconscious Thinking?

1. Become Conscious of Your Unique Experience.

Your way of reasoning and seeing things is nothing but a habit that has been so ingrained into your thoughts through repetition and practise, that You now believe it to be true.

Take a step back and begin to look at it from a different perspective

There are many truths; learn to define and reset your perception to mold the reality that You want to attract into your life.

2. Become Conscious of the Program running in your mind and begin to see the patterns that generate the cycle.

3. What triggers You?

Begin to discern the external triggers that catapult You into that irrepressible degenerative toxic cycle.

Become Aware of the Triggers and You Can Alter the Coding.

Think of the brain as an old record which plays the albums and songs of, (for example), “I’m not good enough,” the first song could be, “Shame,” the second song perhaps: “I’m Not Worthy,” the third song: “It Always Happens to Me….”

You get the picture…

Your Brain Plays beneath the surface, whatever programs You have embedded within Your subconscious mind.

We unconsciously listen to these stories as “background noise.”


We have become So oblivious to this voice, but yet it is still there, playing the same program over and over, about how we’re just not good enough and how undeserving we are of a perfect life.

So ultimately, our goal is to awaken from this hypnotic trance we are currently all in, so that we are able to reset and integrate new perceptions into our belief system.

4. Allow the unconscious to become conscious by catching yourself in these thoughts.

Identify your unique programs by taking a good look at your life and how You truly view yourself on a more profound level.

When you do this, You will begin to become consciously aware of the system that is actually running the show that is your life.

This will allow you to take necessary action to make those changes you weren’t able to make when you just couldn’t see it.

With Love,

Allegra Lite ?

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