How mankind is being manipulated… 
The definition of Fear mongering is : “The action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.” 

 It is becoming increasingly evident to most people all over the globe, that the media, (together with well-known social-media platforms, like this one), are complying together to push forward the general narrative in order to establish a specific agenda set by those who control the governments. 

 Therefore they manipulate the public, (censoring all those that don’t fit the narrative), into believing what they need them to believe, by exaggerating facts and overemphasising specific areas in an effort to scare the public into complying with their schemes. 

 Deceit : All of us value transparency & honesty, but unfortunately we were lied to by the very sources we were taught to trust. 

Systematic control with the use of various subliminal messages, propaganda techniques, suppression of information, (only revealing what they need the public to believe), psychological manipulations, misleading forms of advertising. 

 Social media platforms & the media have easy access to wilfully hijack our minds for their own interest by exploiting psychological vulnerabilities to manipulate our perception & therefore our choices and behaviour. 

 They take advantage when you drop your guard. 

By the use of deviation tactics, (like ? lives matter or the presidential election), to give the public the illusion that they have some control or say over what goes on in our countries. 

This is a lie.

They tell us ? are detrimental to our health, then they’re not, that we can open our businesses & then we can’t.

Suicide rates, domestic violence, child abuse & depression are at an all-time high.
People that have cancer, leukaemia & many other illnesses that are in need of urgent treatment are stuck on waiting lists because of a v***s that has over a 95% survival rate.

We are given an extremely limited time to act.

With rules & regulations constantly changing, many of us are in constant confusion, having to make quick decisions in the small window of time we have available.

The REAL POWER lies at the HEART of the PEOPLE.

“Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.”

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