You are the Architect

There are many chapters in the book of life.

The story you choose to tell, is entirely up to You.

Everything that once passed through your conscious mind as an experience is now resident within the depths of your subconscious.

Every one of these experiences have an EMOTION attached to them, each one unique in itself. 

This is how our perceptions are formed. We each have our very own unique invisible battle going on within our own minds. 

Now, be honest. Exactly how much has your own mind actually helped you achieve goals in life. 

Now look at how much of it has really hindered you from even trying… ??‍♀️ 

Having desires yet never pursuing them is like dreaming of a beautiful garden but never planting the seeds. ? 

Let me tell you a secret… 

?? It’s not what happens to you that defines your life, but HOW YOU REACT TO IT. 

?? You CAN change your situation at any given moment. 

?? The only way to make the changes you desire, is to learn to influence your own mind.


❌ Stop defining your future based on the negativity of your past.

❌ You cannot live the same week a few thousand times and call it Life.

❌ Stop wasting your Potential by believing the lies your mind is dictating to you.

?? Thoughts become Perception, Perception becomes Reality.

YOU BECOME what you THINK. ?

Alter your Thoughts and you Alter your Reality.

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