Hu-Man God-Mind

YOU harness the Power to alter any situation, the answers you seek You already hold within you.
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Mankind need not live in Fear, for at the heart of every HUMAN lies the GREATEST SECRET never Revealed to MAN… 

HU is the “vibrational expression” of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, it represents the power of the spoken word therefore the personification of the authority of Divine utterance.

The root word MAN comes from Sanskrit MANA meaning MIND. Humans are Thinking Beings.

Hu-mans have Minds. HU is reflected in the Unit Mind (Mana) to form a Hu-man Be-ing.

The Egyptian God HU was the Epitome of Power and bore the command of The Ruler and was said to be the CREATOR of All.

It is said that as Hu drew his first breath, and within that sound, was the very Essence of his Name.

Hence; We bear the name “Hu,” which sounds remarkably like the sound of an Expelling Breath.

With each Breath Hu Expelled, creation took place.

The first breath created the Soul of Osiris. His last creation was the Sun. So it is said that Hu is the Word of God.

It is also said that the Ancient Egyptians built the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau as an image of HU.

“When one is United to the Core of another, to speak of that, is to breathe the name HU, Empty of Self, and Filled with Love. – Rumi.”

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