Spiritual Awakening is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Representing the lifting of the veil of ignorance, “Avidya,” translated as  “incorrect understanding” in ancient Sanskrit, is a low level state of consciousness that shrouds your true nature and entices you into a false state of being until it is lifted and you are finally awakened from your slumber.

All Sentient beings are hardwired for Evolution, yet our Society does not actively promote it...

Enticing man into a state of distraction; many never discover the true meaning of the life that is continuously calling to them.

Those who walk the path to Awakening are familiar with the feeling of solitude, as it rips apart the very fabric of reality as you had previously known it, projecting you into a reality of conscious evolution;

You no longer crave the false comforts of material things.

As you leave behind the mundane ego-based awareness in exchange for a higher level of awareness to spiritual enlightenment, you are projected into a whole new perspective of consciousness with a higher level of understanding.

Emerging from a deep sleep and awakened to your purpose, you begin to see the illusion for what it is, knowing that from here; there will be no going back.

At the beginning of every Ascension is the sudden withdrawal from the need to look outward for answers.

Instead therein lies an ardent desire to go within the soul, to seek the all important questions we pondered about as children.

Awakened to the Truth of Ones Divinity, we are reconnected to Source thus regenerating our being to withstand the astonishing aspects of the new life that is presented before us.

You are not alone.

You never were and you never will be, for we are all different parts of the same consciousness; each one experiencing a different path.

You are a fundamental part of the web of life, intrinsically intertwined in a beautiful complex dance of existence.

Through this extraordinary, complex interaction with others, we can learn the contents and issues of our own inner world which is essential to our evolution.

The Earth is a living system of which we are ALL an aspect. 

Intrinsically connected to the Earth and an essential active function of the cosmos itself, human beings are fundamentally interconnected therefore, with ALL of Earth’s lifeforms. 

Look unto yourself, seek your true nature and challenge your boundaries.

YOU are what you have always been seeking. 

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